The Le Bleu Difference

Le Bleu Corporation is the manufacturer and licensor of Le Bleu Premium Ultra Pure Bottled Water. Through state of the art patent pending purification technology, Le Bleu has been able to position itself uniquely in the bottled water industry. What Le Bleu is definitely not is just another brand of bottled water. The portability of its patent-pending purification technology, designed and developed by Le Bleu, allows the company to bea national brand, and even a worldwide brand, in both small package bottled water (3 liters or less)  and five-gallon bottled water, while most other bottled water brands can only at best be regional. 


Le Bleu Water is called “ultra pure” because it’s simply the purest, healthiest, and best-tasting bottled water around. In fact, we’ve won awards like the “BEST Non-Alcoholic Beverage in the Western Hemisphere” at the International Food and Beverage Trade Show in Miami, Florida. That’s similar to a Michelin Star for restaurant or a Wine Spectator award for wine. And here’s why: Our five-step patent-pending purification process produces the highest quality bottled water on the market today.

Le Bleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water is free of all the “bad stuff.” It’s so pure it’s not required by the FDA to carry an expiration date. Other waters have high concentrations of carbon material that can decay over time and require an expiration date.

Imagine the cleanest, clearest mountain stream, so cool and refreshing you can scoop it up in your hands to drink. Doesn’t that sound enticing? But wait: That beautiful, seemingly pristine water may have microorganisms, an excess of naturally occurring minerals, or contamination from polluted rainwater. In our steam distillation process, we use drinking water from the municipal water supply and take it an extra“five steps beyond Mother Nature” before the water even enters the bottle, eliminating the contaminants that may be in other bottled waters.