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Dr. O Len Products

Dr. O Len Muscadine Juice and capsule

100% Purple and White Muscadine Juice 

Muscadine Seed Capsules

Dr. O Len Water

Natural Alkaline Spring Water PH 9.5-10

Equipped with the state-of-art bottling facilities and water processing technologies, Azure water company provides Natural Ionic Mineral Alkaline Water with pH 9.5 plus., Electrolyte Enhanced Water, Purified along with Natural Alkaline Spring Water.

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Question: What is it good for?

Answer: It is good for arthritis, menopause, headaches,heart disease, parkinson's disease, chron's disease, gum disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, erectile dysfuntion, allergies, stroke, immune system and much more!

Question: Any side affects?

Answer: NO, only FORWARD effects!